ADD/ADHD And Chemical Imbalance In The Brain

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ADD/ADHD And Chemical Imbalance In The Brain!

We all start in this world with chemical levels inherited from our parents, half from Mom’s side, and half from Dad’s side. We don’t get a choice as to which chemical levels are passed on to us . .

This is known as genetic susceptibility!

Volumes of research have discovered that the stress response system in the developing brain, is the most sensitive system to influences from genetics and from the outside world.

Being exposed to unmanaged stress during development in the womb, or later, during the first 3-4 years of life, then that person will demonstrate a condition know as “hypervigilance”. They will be “constantly alert” for their lifetime.

They will always be prone to exaggerated responses to stimuli from their environment and will react before they think . . .

Because they are unable to filter out and ignore all the information that is continually being received from sight, sounds, smells, taste and touch.

This flood of information overwhelms their brain and is sensed as threatening . . . until proven otherwise.

As a result, this individual is unable to focus on a single task due to this constant disrupting in their brain!

Research has shown that certain brain chemicals are affected by this condition. By medical testing, they have been identified as . . .


Deficiencies of these chemicals result in those states we see in ADD/ADHD.

The altered levels of these chemicals bring about . . .

Shyness . . . Anxiety . . . Lack Of Focus . . .
Emotional Instability . . . Lack Of Concern . . .
Lack Of Self Worth (Sensitivity to Criticism) . . .
Sudden, Unexplained Tears . . .
Inability To Maintain Healthy Relationships

These children/adults are NOT bad!

They DO NOT want to cause problems!

In the simpliest terms . . . their brain chemistry does NOT ALLOW them to interact normally!!

And the drugs they are given do nothing more than cover up the problem.