Can Alcoholism Be Inherited?

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Scientists have now concluded that compulsive craving for alcohol or drugs in most instances has a genetic origin that is “triggered” by environmental factors.

While alcoholism is not hereditary, eighty percent of all alcoholics are born with a (genetic) deficiency in their opiod levels.

This appears to be irregularities in the brain’s neurotransmitters, the messenger substances that regulate behavior. Addiction occurs when there is an imbalance that affects neurons in the brain’s “reward” areas.

These scientists have presented the “Cascade Theory” of neurotransmitter function, suggesting that these substances and their enzymes act in a cascade fashion (a kind of chain reaction), to produce feelings of well being.

If the cascade becomes “unbalanced”, cravings and addictions develop. Since neurotransmitters are made of amino acids, the nutritional factor takes on great significance.

Their manufacturing cells NEVER produce enough opiods for them to feel “normal”, like the rest of us. They walk around all of the time with an incredibly uncomfortable feeling.

When the brain is unable to produce the required levels of chemicals naturally, an individual often learns to self-medicate with alcohol and other substances.

The problem is . . . the more alcohol this person consumes, the more the brain is tricked into thinking the opiod level is normal.

The alcoholic has learned to substitute alcohol for his/her missing brain chemicals.

In reality, all that is needed are more of the “raw materials” used by the brain to develop these chemicals.

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