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Learn How Neu-BeCalm’d Gives
Nutritional Support To Those Suffering
From Stress, Depression, Alcoholism.

How Does Neu-BeCALM’d Stop The Stress Cycle?

Neu-BeCALM’d works to help anyone with any disorder where stress is a factor . . . In stressful situations, an alarm is signaled in your brain. Then adrenaline races through your body, commanding a series of physical changes.

The heart immediately beats harder and faster so your blood pressure abruptly rises.

Automatically, blood is diverted away from the stomach and skin, where it is not needed, to the muscles, where the body feels it is needed.

High energy fats are rushed into the blood stream for energy. Chemicals are released to make the blood clot more quickly in case of injury.

In these situations, we want to remember two things . . . “Adrenaline is released” and “chemicals are released”.

In other words, in stressful situations, our brain eventually, runs out of these chemicals or Neurotransmitters.

When this happens , the Stress Cycle begins. It’s like dominos. One Neurotransmitter depletion affects the other and that depletion affects another, and so on.

Neu-BeCALM’d capsule gives the manufacturing cells an over abundance of the nutrients they need, to produce the necessary amounts of the Neurotransmitters needed by the brain.

The Stress cycle never begins, so the high energy chemicals are not pumped into the body to do damage.

Neu-BeCalm’d And Depression

Neu-BeCalm’d provides nutritional support for depressiion by giving the manufacturing cells in the brain the necessary nutrients that they need to produce and keep the opiod and GABA levels up (these are both neurotransmitters).

No matter what the situation is, a person will feel anxiety or depression if the GABA levels are down in their brain. This is a scientific fact!

Once the opioid level is up, the GABA use is maintained and biological depression (depressed when you have no reason to be) is stopped.

Neu-BeCalm’d And Alcoholism
Recently research has revealed alcoholism to bea deficiency disease, often genetic in origin, involving the “neurotransmitters” that act as chemical messengers between brain neurons.

Studies have shown that eighty percent of all alcoholics are born with a deficiency in their opiod levels. Their manufacturing cells NEVER produce enough opiods for them to feel “normal”, like the rest of us, so they walk around all of the time with this incredibly uncomfortable feeling.

Why does alcohol help him get rid of this uncomfortable feeling?

In the brain alcohol produces “tetrahydroisoquinolines” or TIQ’s. TIQ’s so closely resemble opiods that they actually “trick” the brain into thinking this individuals opiod levels are normal. The alcoholic now feels good. The “uncomfortable” feeling is gone.

There is a major problem.. The more alcohol that is consumed, the more the brain is tricked into thinking the opiod level is normal because of the presence of the TIQs. When TIQs are present, the brain signals the manufacturing cells to stop producing any more opiods (when not enough were being produced to begin with).

Neu=BeCALM’d simply gives these individuals something they are not born with that all the rest of us have. It bombards the brain with enough proper nutrients the manufacturing cells MUST HAVE to keep the opiod levels normal , thus taking away the uncomfortable feelings and the need for alcohol.

We are in no way telling anyone that Neu-BeCALM’d is a cure for alcoholism.

We enthusiastically endorse any support program or group that is available for any individual who suffers from this disease.

We are simply saying this product, when used in conjunction with other means of support, will definitely make it easier for an individual to come off and stay off alcohol.

(And please understand, we could never make that statement unless we could back it up with 10 years of successful, documented results from alcohol and drug rehab centers!)

A New Beginning In Life With Neu-BeCalm’d!