What Is Dopamine? What Does Dopamine Do?

What Is Dopamine? What Does It Do?

Dopamine, Along With Norepinephrine Has Come To Be Recognized As Playing A Large Role In Attention And Focus.

Dopamine is widespread in the brain as well as the rest of the nervous system. This neurotransmitter plays a critical role in the control of movement. It has a stimulating effect on the heart, the circulation, the rate of metabolism, and is able to mobilize many of the body’s energy reserves.
It helps to modulate brain activity, control coordination and movement, and regulate the flow of information to different areas of the brain.

When our body has enough Dopamine we’re blessed with feelings of bliss and pleasure, euphoric, appetite control, controlled motor movements, and we feel focused.

When we are low in Dopamine we feel no pleasure, our world looks colorless, we have an inability to “love”, and we have no remorse about personal behavior.

Dopamine, along with Norepinephrine has come to be recognized as playing a large role in attention and focus. For people with ADD/ADHD.

Psychostimulant medications such as Ritalin/Concerta (methylphenidate), Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine), and Adderall (a racemic mixture of amphetamine salts) are prescribed to help increase the use of norepinephrine and dopamine

Another ADHD drug, Strattera, is unique in that it works only on the norepinephrine.

These drugs do not supply the brain and body with the ingredients to balance these chemistries. Drugs simply make the level of chemicals you already have work differently, harder and/or longer.

Only nutrition we take in as food or nutritional supplements can improve your levels of available chemistry and attempt to support the continued building of the needed transmitters, enzymes and the like.

The targeted nutritional precursors (building blocks for normal human chemistry) have been shown by medical studies in the past to assist in improving the level of various neurotransmitters.

Dopamine (and Norepinephrine) are produce in your body from an amino acid (L-Phenylalanine) along with co-factors of vitaminss and minerals. L-Phenylalanine is found in proteins in your diet.

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