Neu-BeCalm’d Recommended Dosages

Neu-BeCALM’d – Patented, 100% Natural,Doctor Recommended Nutritional Support For ADHD!

Neu-BeCalm’d Dosages

As you may know, the F.D.A. has never established Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) for amino acids and many other common nutrition factors. And, until a very recently passed bill, often called the Health Education Act, only FDA approved drugs could have recommended dosages published. With the passage of this bill we are able to pass on to you the dosages recommended by many of the clinicians whose patients or clients have been advised to take beCALM’d.

In all cases the product should be taken on an empty stomach — half an hour or more before meals or two or more hours after meals.

1 to 6 capsules per day depending on the age and weight of the individual. The times the capsules should be taken are 30 minutes before breakfast, mid-afternoon, and 30 minutes before bedtime (at least two hours after the evening meal).

Each person’s metabolic rate varies just as eye color varies from little pigment (light blue) to fully pigmented (dark brown). Similarly, one person with ADD/HD may need only half a capsule in the morning and the other half at night. Another may require two capsules three times per day.

Recommended Daily Starting Point(Based On Weight)

40-50 Lbs
1-2 Capsules
50-80 Lbs
2-3 Capsules
80-100 Lbs
3-5 Capsules
100 Lbs
6 Capsules