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Insomnia . . . Why Me?

It isn’t always easy to relieve insomnia.

Once you have dealt with it for awhile, you may think it is just something you have to live with.

More and more people are searching for how to relieve insomnia. The inability to go to sleep and stay asleep is affecting more individuals every year, and there are hundreds of reasons why this happens.

Insomnia is not considered to be a condition in and of itself; it is considered to be a symptom of something else. The problem is that doctors can’t always determine what is causing a person’s sleeplessness.

Serotonin Is The Brain Chemical (Neurotransmitter) Which Enables Sleep.
If the problem is a genuine lack of serotonin, the precursors (nutritional raw materials needed by the brain to manufacture adequate serotonin) must be supplemented.

Problems That May Be Caused By A Shortage Of Serotonin!

  • You toss and turn after a difficult day’s work, unable to go to sleep
  • Once you get to sleep you sleep very lightly, awakening at the least little disturbance.
  • You have to get up frequently to urinate even though nothing is wrong physically to cause this.
  • You frequently fall asleep during the day.
  • Driving makes you very sleepy even after a long night’s sleep (narcolepsy)
  • You often fall asleep watching television before bed time and then don’t get up and go to bed until very late or not at all.
  • You seem to be sleepy nearly all the time.
  • You sleep all weekend and yet never seem to catch up

Our body (with the proper raw materials) is designed to produce and maintain a balance of our neurotransmitters. Modern day living has created an excessive amount of stress in our daily lives . . . and stress depletes our neurotransmitters rapidly.

Neu-BeCalm’d . . . a nutritional supplement with precursors for all three of the neurotransmitters above, is the most pratical and cost effect way help our body properly balance its supply of Serotonin, GABA and Opioids.