Serotonin . . . How Important Is It?

Serotonin . . . How Important Can It Be?

When we have enough serotonin, we feel emotionally stable, we can sleep, we can sort out the feelings and determine in a logical manner if there is a threat present.

Serotonin provides numerous calming and stabilizing actions in the brain and body.

When we are low in serotonin, we feel immediately irritable and we are overly sensitive to sights and sounds. We have difficulty sleeping and may suffer unexplained outbursts of tears.

Serotonin deficiency has been described as a form of depression.

When we have enough Serotonin, we are . . .

Good Natured

In addition, we are . . .

Loving and Caring
Reflective & Thoughtful
Able To
Able To Think
Things Through

And we . . .

Don’t Crave

Sleep Well
Good Dream Recall

But when we have a shortage of serotonin, lookout! We are . . .

A Real Pain

Plus we . . .

  • Fly off the handle easily . . .
  • Have a short attention span . . .
  • Seem to be “blocked” and “scattered” . . .
  • Crave those sweets and high carbohydrate foods . . .
  • Suffer from Insomnia and have poor dream recall

The consequences of serotonin deficiency syndrome can be devasting and include plunging moods, health-threatening food cravings, ruined sleep, skull-cracking headaches, overwhelming body pain and just plain exhaustion.

Because low serotonin can result from the stress and strain of our modern way of living, and because its symptoms severely reduce the joy of life to such a tremendous degree for so many people, Serotonin Deficiency Syndrome is one of the most widespread and debilitating problems of our time.

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